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  1. Jurisdiction
    • For all contracts and orders concerning the procurement and delivery of tickets that are valid in relation to Ticketagentur24, exclusively the following terms and conditions are valid:
  2. Conclusion of contract
    • The offer for a contract is initiated by the buyer as soon as he has clicked the box "ordering". Only the job number, sent by an automated e-mail to the buyer through the Ticketagentur24 establishes the contract between the seller and the Ticketagentur24. If the contract offer is accepted, the buyer receives an order confirmation via email within 24 hours after the receipt of the order. After conclusion of the contract there is no right of withdrawal for the buyer because the “Fernabsatzrecht” does not apply to services that are directed to time events (§ 312b paragraph 3 no. 6 BGB).
    • A cancellation of the contract is only possible in consultation and agreement with the Ticketagentur24; in this case, a processing fee amounting to 25% of the contract value is charged.
    • By ordering tickets through the buyer Ticketagentur24 is entrusted with the procurement of tickets for the buyer; the delivery of the tickets is part of the commission.
    • A payment of the purchase price plus service fee and shipping costs by the buyer may be done either by bank transfer or PayPal. In any case, the purchase price of the acquired tickets, services or other items must be paid by the buyer so that a receipt of payment is detected by Ticketagentur24 within 5 days after the signing of the contract. The contract is subject to the condition subsequent that the payment is received within this period. The prices are inclusive all costs. The indicated prices include advance booking fees, system fees, a variable purchase surcharge, VAT. and costs for public transportatio. The shipping costs are shown separately. Rates of Ticketagentur24 may differ considerably from the printed original prices because some tickets are delivered by various intermediaries.
    • For failure and / or time changes of events a refund by Ticketagentur24 is owed only to the extent to which the operators make reimbursement payments. When ordering several seats always at least 2 seats are adjacent.
    • If the ticket agency can not deliver the tickets for the desired event, it is the buyers procure to receive higher quality tickets for the desired event. High-quality is defined according to the printed tickets value within the chosen category of the event concerned or the designated Ticketagentur24 higher selling price. If a booked hotel can no longer be booked, the Ticketagentur24 is entitled to book an equivalent hotel nearby.
    • For seat reservations for the Oktoberfest, the Ticketagentur24 retains a change into another tent explicitly. Should Ticketagentur24 not be able to deliver the agreed ticket, Ticketagentur24 refunds an amount equal to 100% of the order value to the purchaser. The purchaser has no further claims.
  3. Delivery
    • In general, the ordered tickets are delivered approximately 10 days before the event. The delivery of the tickets is carried out by registered mail or express delivery. On request, the buyer will receive a free gift voucher in advance. In a few events, Ticketagentur24 retains a deposit at the hotel or other appropriate delivery locations, for example at the day of the event in front of the venue.
  4. Return / refund / cancellation / cancellation / postponements
    • A return of paid tickets or the cancellation of an order is not possible. A refund will be made only when the event is canceled after accordant approval by the organizer, and is only given in the amount of the original price. In this case, the tickets have to be returned to Ticketagentur24 within 10 days after the event date. Many organizers reserve an relocation of events, eg. as for television broadcasts. A withdrawal of tickets is not possible in this case. The resale of products purchased from Ticketagentur24 over the Internet and / or auction houses is prohibited.
  5. Privacy and data agreement
    • Your personal information is transmitted protected. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - encryption technology. You recognize SSL protection in form of the address bar of your browser, where "https: //" instead of a '' http: // 'is preceded by' the domain. Your data will be used exclusively in the necessary framework for your order. Any disclosure to third parties is excluded.
  6. Jurisdiction
    • Jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with the concluded contract is the registered office of Ticketagentur24, so the AG Wipperfürth or Cologne Regional Court. This shall also apply if the customer is a businessman with legal entity under public law or public law special fund. He has no general jurisdiction if he moved to his domicile or habitual residence abroad or if his domicile or habitual residence at the time of action is unknown.
  7. Final provisions
    • Should the contents or the design of individual pages or parts of the online presence of Ticketagentur24 infringe rights of third parties or statutory provisions or otherwise violate antitrust standards, § 4 UWG 8 paragraph is valid. You are then asked to send an claimed and adequate, sufficient explained message without debit note to Ticketagentur24 first. This guarantees that rightfully objectionable passages or parts of the sites are removed within a reasonable period or the legal requirements are extensively adapted. Without the intervention a lawyer is required. The involvement of a lawyer to costs of Ticketagentur24 does not correspond to its real and presumed will and thus would be a violation of § 13 paragraph 5 UWG because of the pursuit of irrelevant goals as dominant theme of initiation, in particular a cost achievement intention as actual mainspring, as well as a breach of the representing loss mitigation.
  8. Severability
    • Should any of these terms and conditions be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after the conclusion the validity of the remaining provisions continue. In case of the invalid or unenforceable provision such valid and enforceable provision comes into force, as well as the effects of the economic objectives pursued by the contractual parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. These provisions apply mutatis mutandis to the case that the terms and conditions are proved to be incomplete.
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